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Master‘s Thesis: Holistic training concept (and tool) for management to understand and experience IoT

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Founded in 1994, Barkawi is a specialized management consultancy focused on Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Digitization, Aftersales Services and Technology Transformation. We have offices in Munich, Atlanta and Vienna and are a team of approx. 250 consultants. Our client base includes global blue chip companies such as Daimler, Siemens, Coca Cola, Lufthansa, China Mobile etc. Barkawi has received numerous awards in the field of supply chain management and continues to score ranks above the world’s largest strategy consultants.


are passionate about technology and its business implications and have an engineering or business background (e.g. (Industrial) Engineering, Economics, Computer Science, or Business Administration). Ideally, you already have first practical experiences in logistics, supply chain or aftersales services or a strong interest in these subjects.

You enjoy tackling challenges and are eager to develop and test innovative ideas. You are excited about contributing towards shaping the future of logistics. You are keen to advance your personal and professional development. You possess excellent conceptual and maybe even some programming skills.

As a person you are confident and convincing. You are highly committed and creative, can work independently as well as in a team. With a very high degree of initiative, curiosity and fascination for innovations and technology you will fit into our team perfectly.

The thesis should be written in English, you are thus fluent in spoken and written.




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While industries have the opportunities to advance technologically and e.g. improve processes and KPIs, most changes are initially very theoretical and maybe even too abstract for management to fully grasp it. The “internet of things” and “Industry 4.0” developments certainly are.

This thesis shall thus develop a concept and training program for management and employees to better understand the improvements for their particular situation and setup. We propose 2-3 core steps:

  • Discussion of the (organizational) challenges that hinder technology adaptions today
  • Development of a concept to tackle the challenges with leadership training and „hands-on“ experience This step will include research and adaption of existing approaches, e.g. Gamification methods.
  • Elaboration on and recommendation exhaustive training program.
  • Optional: Programming of a training platform based on your recommendation


We are looking forward to your application. If you have further questions, please do e-mail us.

We are interested in supporting your career long-term and may offer you a position as Associate Consultant in our firm after successfully concluding your thesis.

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