Technology Transformation

How to become a digital champion

The likes of Amazon show us how it‘s done: better, faster, with a bigger product range and often even less expensive thanks to digitization and a perfectly networked supply chain! Supply chain champions work with completely integrated service providers: connectivity and collaboration is the key! The choosing and using of leading-edge supply chain software cause sleepless nights for some, while others are already applying such solutions resulting in ideal processes and a technology lead.

A comprehensive examination of the supply chain based on KPI and smart supply chain analytics updated in real time makes innovative enterprises fit for the future: planning, forecasting, suppliers, service providers, customers, procurement, inventories, replenishment and much more – all integrated into a digital data flow. Perfectly plannable, transparent and with the greatest possible speed and flexibility – that is the goal of supply chain digitization! But what has to be done? How do you turn conventional Excel tables, Access and SQL databases into a networked data world? How and where do you start?

‘Technology Transformation: How to become a digital champion‘ is a pragmatic and practical guideline for companies looking to progressively turn challenges into measurable results.

32 pages of information, case examples and proven measures for a successful technology transformation!

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