From the joint use of numbers, data and facts through to perfect vendor integration – with the right KPIs, end-to-end and in real time!

Amazon & co. show us how – better, faster, bigger product ranges and often even cheaper thanks to a perfectly interconnected supply chain! Innovative supply chain champions work with integrated service providers. Collaboration is the magic word! Suppliers are partners that young, high-performance enterprises are closely connected to. When integrating vendors, they share data, information, costs and successes! Collaboration and connectivity generate a digital bond that is beneficial to all sides. And the successes are lasting because they are achieved together.

An unbroken integrated supply chain based on KPIs updated in real time makes forward-looking enterprises fit for the future: planning, forecasting, suppliers, service providers, customers, procurement, inventories, replenishment... all integrated into the modern supply chain! Perfectly plannable, transparent, as fast and flexible as possible: that is the goal of supply chain digitization. And collaboration is the starting point.

But what is supply chain collaboration actually? What has to be done? Where does one start?

"On the way to becoming a digital champion with supply chain collaboration!" by Barkawi Management Consultants provides a concise overview of how collaboration turns the challenges of modern supply chains into measurable results!

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