What lunar landings and missions to Mars have in common with modern supply chains

The demands on modern supply chains have been increasing rapidly for years now. The challenge is to move goods, products, spare parts, etc. around the globe in perfect efficiency and orchestrate suppliers and service providers worldwide brilliantly. The right amounts of the right things at the right place at the right time – that is the objective. The digital heart of the supply chain is becoming ever more similar to the Control Center of NASA. Like in the SC Control Tower, all data come together there in real time, are monitored, analyzed and perfectly managed up to the second. That is how the Apollo and the Mars Rover get into space, and goods to the customer!

Innovative enterprises are putting their trust in digital solutions. Just a few years ago, these were dashboards with limited functionalities. Today they are complex supply chain cockpits. And tomorrow it will be smart control towers that control and monitor an entirely networked, digitized supply chain in real time. Control towers will offer unimagined possibilities with RFID and satellite technology, with geodata, image and voice recognition, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive maintenance and much, much more, that would make even NASA green with envy.

But to what extent have supply chain cockpits, control towers and the like already established themselves in companies? What are they actually capable of? Where will the journey lead us in the future? Today’s digital champions are already in the starting blocks, because the decision on who will be the winners of tomorrow is being made today! Come with us on a journey to the world of supply chain digitization, with numerous examples from business practice, concrete approaches, leading-edge concepts and an exciting look into the near future.

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