After Sales Service

Turning service opportunities into profitable business

Your excellent product is the basis, and perfect after sales service is the lucrative cherry on the top of the product range! Expanding your service business gives makers of industrial products in all sectors attractive growth opportunities. Depending on the industry, companies can generate more than half of their sales and profits with service alone – and that with constant sales growth!

But most companies currently still generate a maximum of 10 % to 25 % in this way. The lion‘s share of their sales still comes from the sale of products – old school! But what a shame that is, because there is so much potential lying unexploited here, and money going down the drain. After sales service – one of the greatest growth opportunities for the capital goods industry, and you don‘t want to leave that to your competitors!

‘After sales service: From just another after sales provider to a leading service champion‘ by Barkawi Management Consultants is a pragmatic and practical guideline for companies looking to transform opportunities into measurable results.

24 pages, chock-full of information, case examples and proven measures for mastering a successful transformation from being just another service provider to becoming a customer-centric service champion!

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