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Wir als Team: Barkawi-Mitarbeiter

We as a team

Wir als Team: Im gemeinsamen Gespräch mit Kollegen

We do not get things in motion against but with the client.

Julius von Eickstedt

High expectations

We. These two letters characterize the working environment at Barkawi Management Consultants pretty well. We are not lone warriors nor mavericks, but a team that is determined to win together. We want to move things! None of us can meet the high expectations of our clients on our own – yet together, we are exceeding them again and again.

Perfect team spirit

Our teams have a captain. Each single player within the team is extremely important. Only with perfect coordination, we gain the victory and win the cup. You won’t be finding hierarchies, meaningful titles or fancy job descriptions at Barkawi Management Consultants. We live an open-door culture, regard ourselves as a family, talk, laugh and suffer with each other.

Together with the client

Each project is based on the fact that we come together with the client on an equal footing: We send a tailor-made team to the client, exactly matching the requirements of the project. Our team including captain is complemented by a likewise team on the client’s side, so that a lot of players meet for a friendly match, where everyone is feeding each other lines and celebrate the victory in the end.

Together with the client

Each project is based on the fact that we come together with the client on an equal footing: We send a tailor-made team to the client, exactly matching the requirements of the project. Our team including captain is complemented by a likewise team on the client’s side, so that a lot of players meet for a friendly match, where everyone is feeding each other lines and celebrate the victory in the end.

Who we are looking for

Wir als Team: Barkawi-Mitarbeiter

Know-how alone
won't do.

Daniel Evers

The preconditions

All management consultancies are initially looking for the same:

  • Profound economic knowledge, excellent analytical and conceptual skills as well as the ability to solve complex issues are your base?
  • You are dealing confidently with numbers, professional PC skills and are certainly very good at English?
  • As a person, you are confident and convincing?
  • Flexibility and mobility mean to you that you would like to be longer term at the customer's location?
  • You are very motivated and creative, can work independently as well as in the team?
  • What is more, you are very competent in dealing with customers and colleagues?

Then you are a perfect match! However, we go one step further. Click here to learn who we are really looking for.

Who we are really looking for

Wir als Team: Kollegen bei Barkawi

My colleagues are people sharing my sense of humor.

Saman Kretschmer

The chemistry must be right

Hard skills are a precondition. We go one step further – we are looking for personalities! Smart minds with common sense and a passion for taking over responsibility. We like characters better than mousy people – we like people with interesting CVs. True characters! If you are bringing with you more than just a very good exam result, you are our preferred candidate.

Your degree course is not that decisive – we welcome people from differing subjects – that is part of our success. We do not send hundreds of consultants to our clients, which is why every single project member counts. Being results-driven and taking over responsibility is typical for working at Barkawi Management Consultants. This demands a lot of curiosity, motivation and persistency. We are looking for people who listen carefully and are asking the right questions. And, of course, who draw the right conclusions from the responses given.

If you do not find individual responsibility scary, but challenging, than come and join us!

What is more, it is crucial you are a good fit as a person! For in our teams, cooperation is intense. As you will be spending a lot of time with your colleagues, the chemistry must be right – almost like in a marriage! And last but not least: We favor professional modesty – we let our achievements speak for themselves. Great, if you see that the same way!

The people at

Wir als Team: Die Menschen bei Barkawi

The mixture at Barkawi's is just great.

Joachim Seidel

Welcoming the whole world

The colleague in the room to the right studied in Germany, Brazil, speaks German, Portuguese as his mother tongue and English, of course, too. The colleague to the left was born in Germany, went to nursery school in the USA, made his A-levels in Egypt, studied in Munich and Los Angeles. We are welcoming the whole world as our colleagues. For he who knows the country and people has a big advantage when working abroad.

No 'pyramid'

Consultancies often work with a large numbers of inexperienced youngsters and often show an age structure resembling a pyramid: A few experienced veterans on the top, below a lot of “young fruit” with different degrees of ripeness.

Strong central layer

We have experienced consultancy experts in our teams – and, supporting them, a few hand-picked young colleagues – the smartest ones of each graduate group from international universities.

Our strong central layer consists of experienced professionals. This enables you to be trained constantly and to learn very quickly – and it results in a good outcome of our projects. We know what we do!


Barkawi Management-Team: Oliver Bendig

 Time for targets in life - that concerns men and women!

Oliver Bendig
Managing Partner

A demanding fulltime job

For everything there is a season: For our colleagues in their first professional years, the job is most important, and there is a clear focus on and a lot of enthusiasm for the project work. Ten years later, they might want to pursue another direction or are planning a family, so the surrounding conditions have changed completely. Does this all go together with working for a management consultancy? Our answer is ‘yes and no’.

We do not define ourselves by work during nights and weekends – these are rather the exception than the rule. Promised! You also need your vacation to recover – otherwise, you would not be able to invest your passion and work as a consultant in the long run!

But: Our projects take place anywhere in the world. Flights and trips contribute to a very challenging fulltime job. Our clients demand a lot, projects are often very dynamic. The week is packed, days are long, sometimes nights are long, too. We also do not have a ‘casual Friday’ as common in consulting, where everything is a bit more relaxed. Neither we, nor our clients have time and inclination for that.

Realistic planning

As a consultant, we expect from you to show full commitment each day. You have to take into account there will be time-shifts because of projects abroad, extremely early flights in the morning or long evenings when projects come to a close. Meetings will be shifted and changed, so you cannot expect yourself to be a reliable dad/mum, being at the nursery school in time. Also, you won’t find the time to complete an MBA during evenings in parallel to a project. Honestly: We do not want to raise false hopes!

We offer you other options, which, however, do really work: Longer creative breaks like a sabbatical to build up your own company, a PhD, a MBA can be imagined any time, equally a sabbatical for the family, baby break or the like.

Of course we would be deeply saddened, if becoming self-employed after many years on the job might be more attractive than another project as a consultant – but also in this case, we support you, take shares or act as an incubator for your business idea. We have shown several times that this works extremely well!

Sometimes, there is also a great career option with one of our clients. Then we are sad at losing a colleague, on the other hand, we are happy that Barkawi Management Consultants is an attractive jumping board for other job options! We are honored if our colleagues are in demand externally, too, and act as a showcase for the years spent with us. Even more honored that many colleagues have been with us for a long time or come back after a time at university or in industry. Probably for a good reason!

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