The first use cases of process mining within supply chain management are emerging and supply chain leaders are now facing the challenge of...

How to maximize the value creation of supply chain planners and advanced planning systems

Your OTIF number is most likely wrong!

Towards predictive and autonomously-adapting supply chains

What lunar landings and missions to Mars have in common with modern supply chains

On the road to your success with global, digital business concepts

How companies gradually transform the challenges of modern supply chains into measurable results using a software concept tailored to their individual...

From the joint use of numbers, data and facts through to perfect vendor integration – with the right KPIs, end-to-end and in real time!

Maximum service level and optimum inventory thanks to an innovative S&OP forecasting and supply concept

Becoming a service champion with perfect production planning, a powerful sales operation and one face to the customer!

How to become a digital champion

Turning service opportunities into profitable business

Digitization of the supply chain – everything integrated perfectly: How companies can become digital champions through smart networking

A comprehensive concept for setting and realizing prices that are in tune with reality!

Augmented reality – much more than just Pokémon Go! How clever augmented reality applications will change not only the supply chain

The Quest for Faster Growth and Higher Margins

How will we live in the future? Self-driving cars, floating cities? We have come up with some thoughts that may sound a bit Hollywood, but many of...

A no-wear zone for Mickey Mouse and the New York skyline: You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

A commemorative publication, that isn't one – at least not in the traditional sense: science and practice form a perfect symbiosis in the anthology...

Whether reducing pollution or increasing oil prices: logistics is facing changing circumstances and objectives. Karim Barkawi and Professor...

In technology-driven industries, after sales business is becoming increasingly important.

Globalization does not only increase the demand for transport and logistics, it also has a more profound impact on the logistics industry. What is...

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