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New Release at SPRINGER

Science and practice form a perfect symbiosis: Dr. Tilo Bobis explains how Amazon implemented Toyota's Lean principals. Prof. ten Hompel tackles the term supply chain.

The anthology is a commemorative publication for Prof. Dr. Bretzke - but not a classic one. It navigates through the various topics of logistics today and tomorrow, strategic issues and the architecture of logistics networks as well as design of logistic processes, management methods and sustainability approaches. Prof. Dr. Michael ten Hompel from the Fraunhofer IML has written a letter to his old companion Bretzke, in which he philosophizes on the definition of logistics and supply chain management. Similarly, Thomas Wimmer from the German Logistics Association (BVL) dedicates his technical contribution to the term supply chain management and honors the jubilarian as a visionary. In addition to old companions from the academic world, young minds and practitioners from the industry have also received an opportunity to contribute. Dr. Tilo Bobel from Amazon Germany describes the implementation Lean concepts in the Amazon Group and Dr. Jörg Fontius from the BEUMER Group lectures on threats and opportunities of megatrends - globalization, resource scarcity and digitalization - concerning the value chain of companies. The book is published by the SPRINGER-Verlag.