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Body scan in a 3D booth, in the middle of Marienplatz?

A clever innovation for prudent logistics and supply chains for online clothing retailers and to counteract the returned-goods madness:

Vitronic, a mid-sized company based in Wiesbaden, builds body-scan booths – that you may soon find placed in train stations or inner-city locations – which create a virtual 3D model of a customer’s body within a tenth of a second, to optimize the fit of clothes for online sales.

This virtual model is then compared with the manufacturer’s clothing articles, first and foremost to curb the returned-goods insanity that is rife in online retailing, with more than 50% of orders being sent back to the vendor at the moment. If clothing one day comes from a 3D printer, it will be possible to produce clothing that fits and sits perfectly with these scanned-in body measurements, because the textile machines will be programmed accordingly!

Individually tailored clothes from the shelf! Makes logistics and the supply chain more efficient, is good for the environment, and finally the garment you want will fit you perfectly, without exception!

Check out a Youtube video from Vitronic here:

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