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Barkawi has now climbed
the winners' podium
in the third competition this year

Barkawi wins "Best of Consulting Award" from WirtschaftsWoche magazine for 2018

WirtschaftsWoche has chosen Barkawi Management Consultants for the "Best of Consulting Award" for outstanding consultancy services in 2018. This success means that our Munich-based consultancy, which specialises in after sales services and supply chain management, has now climbed the winners' podium in the third major competition this year, after the awards received in the "Hidden Champions des Beratungsmarktes 2018" from CAPITAL magazine and "Beste Berater 2018" from brandeins magazine.

This was the ninth time that WirtschaftsWoche called on all consulting companies in Germany to have one of their client projects evaluated by a specialist committee and a jury. The submitted projects were assessed according to qualitative and quantitative criteria, on the basis of a structured project description by the consultancy itself and a standardised evaluation sheet filled out by three representatives from the company for which the project was performed. The company's key figures were then also analysed.

Barkawi Management Consultants – that's how outstanding consulting works!