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star/trac – smart control of factory traffic

Warenlieferung per LKW - star/trac bietet Smarte Steuerung des Werksverkehrs

We establish order on the factory premises.
Hans Maier-Dech
CEO star/trac

We know, where your cargo is - anytime

Every day, 2,500 delivery trucks back up in front of the factory gates because all of them have to go through the same bottleneck. Once on the factory premises, the trucks interfere with each other during the delivery. No one knows where the container with the hazardous cargo is exactly located.

Leave the confusion behind. star/trac, a member of the Barkawi Group, offers a unique control solution for your cargo problems.

Similar to a James Bond movie in which the stolen luxury sports car can be located through a flashing dot on the map, an innovative RFID system enables you to capture motion data, intelligently control the trucks so that the goods arrive smoothly and efficiently at the right time and place. Additionally, services such as payment functions can be included. Eliminate the traffic jams and waiting time. After all, time is money!

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