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B2X – Clever management of
complex repair cycles

B2X Care-Solutions: Cleveres Management von komplexen Reparatur-Kreisläufen

Concentrate on your core business - we do
the rest.

Rainer Koppitz

Better. Faster. More efficient.

While driving along, a customer’s phone suddenly falls onto the road and the screen breaks. Now, his brand new mobile phone doesn't work anymore. The customer then returns his broken devices to the phone shop. This scenario has started a cycle. This cycle is very complex and expensive for the manufacturer, but the results may not fully satisfy the customers.

B2X Care Solutions, another innovative company within the Barkawi Group, currently organizes and operates the repair cycle for many well-known companies. B2X allows mobile phone manufacturers to focus on their core business – and B2X handles the rest.

Through intelligent management of repairs, aftersales service becomes better, faster and more cost-efficient resulting in increased service quality and higher customer satisfaction. The final outcome is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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B2X Care-Solutions: Cleveres Management von komplexen Reparatur-Kreisläufen

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