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Barkawi Management Consultants is an internationally active management consultancy that specializes in supply chain management and after sales services. It was founded in 1994 and today employs more than 200 staff at venues in Munich (head office), Vienna, Riyadh, Dubai, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Atlanta. Numerous global enterprises with logistically complex business models, such as Airbus, Coca-Cola, Daimler, General Electric, Henkel, Siemens, etc. are among Barkawi‘s consultancy clients.

Scope of projects and topics

What makes Barkawi special is the manner in which it combines strategic management consultancy with support in its operational implementation. The first stage is to analyse the client's operational framework conditions and business processes. In so doing, our consultants are not afraid to question specific aspects of the company's management or the sustainability of the business model as a whole. After all, the characteristics of the supply chain are now of such central importance to many companies that they affect the very core of the business model. On the basis of this analysis, new concepts and strategies are devised, proposals for improving processes are made and an optimum organisational structure is developed.

Barkawi does not simply leave the client alone with a big pile of analyses and optimization proposals but gives active assistance in managing the proposals' implementation. Barkawi does not regard itself solely as an architect, developing a draft design on a drawing board (in this case the design of the supply chain).

To an equal degree, Barkawi takes on the role of a building engineer, keeping an eye on how the finished building gradually develops from the draft, when necessary giving support on the construction site and handing over the keys to the client once the project has been concluded. Only when the supply chain networks and the included after-sales service are functioning in practice does Barkawi consider its assignment as successfully finished.

The company's success is to a significant degree due to the quality of its employees; there are many consultancy companies that employ a large number of relatively inexperienced people who are new to the profession. Barkawi attaches great value to maintaining a strong intermediate generation of experienced professionals, who are familiar with business practices from a company perspective. This ensures that client and consultant speak the same language and come together on an equal footing.

Awards and prizes

The combination of expert knowledge, conceptual planning and practical support in implementation processes is what for many companies makes Barkawi stand out positively from the competition. Barkawi consistently achieves top placings in renowned consultancy rankings, including, for instance, those in the study conducted by Prof. Dietmar Fink ('Hidden Champions of the Consultancy Market', 2009). In 2012, Barkawi was named as the number one supply-chain consultancy in the 'Best of Consulting' competition conducted by WirtschaftsWoche. In 2014, the independent economy magazine “brand eins” listed Barkawi among Germany’s best consultancies – in the area of supply chain management, Barkawi performed better than Porsche Consulting, McKinsey and the BCG.

Incubator for startups: the Barkawi Group

Barkawi‘s hands-on implementation-focused approach to consulting can also be seen in its own entrepreneurial activities. It serves as an incubator for a number of start-ups that are active around the world with innovative product ideas and new business models. In doing so, Barkawi‘s profound know-how in the field of supply chain management joins forces with passionate entrepreneurialism and gives rise to successful spin-offs the likes of B2X, a leading provider of customer care services in the fields of mobile phones and IoT.

Barkawi Group now encompasses eight companies that together employ 1,200 staff in 30 countries.

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