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Barkawi Management Consultants –
North America

Globus Barkawi US

Barkawi Management Consultants help clients improve supply chain, operational efficiency and operational results for their primary product business as well as the aftermarket service and parts unit.

The North American practice specializes in helping companies deliver and sustain capability improvements through technology-enabled transformation initiatives.

Barkawi helps companies define and implement better strategies, processes and tools to improve a variety of functional areas, including:

  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • Demand, supply and inventory management
  • Capacity, production, order and scenario planning
  • Parts business optimization, including inventory planning and part pricing
  • Profit analytics and SKU rationalization
  • Supply chain control tower and collaboration

We are enabling success by technology-driven logistics & supply chain!

Mike Landry, CEO Barkawi Management Consultants, North America

Barkawi - Experts in Supply Chain Consulting

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Barkawi Management Consultants - a genpact company honored again in 2021 from brand eins

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Barkawi Management Consultants - a genpact company received again the award "Best Consultants 2020" from brand eins

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Barkawi - Experts in Supply Chain Consulting

Barkawi Management-Team: Mike Landry

Our core expertise: Excellence in Supply Chain Management and After Sales Services!

Mike Landry
CEO Barkawi Management Consultants

Multiple winner of "Best of Consulting", "Beste Berater" and "Hidden Champion". That's outstanding consulting!

Barkawi is a specialized management consultancy focused on Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Aftersales Services, Supply Chain Digitization and Technology Transformation. Our client base includes global blue chip companies such as Daimler, Siemens, Coca Cola, Lufthansa, China Mobile etc.

Barkawi has received numerous awards in the field of supply chain management and continues to score ranks above the world’s largest strategy consultants.

Our approach to consulting is unique:

Since its foundation in 1994, the Barkawi management consultancy has been a member of Barkawi Group, with its 30 venues and 1,200 employees around the globe. Time and time again, successful new companies have arisen out of its consulting projects, which is why Barkawi was known as "the entrepreneur among consultants!"

To drive our globalization forward after almost 25 years of purely organic growth, we looked for a strong partner in 2018, and we are now proud to be a part of the US technology leader Genpact – a digital champion with USD 2.74 billion in sales and almost 80,000 staff.

The merger of Barkawi Management Consultants and the Genpact supply chain service line has given birth to "Barkawi Management Consultants – A Genpact Company", a global provider of management consulting, managed services and digital transformation.

Excellence in supply chain and after sales consulting – that is what Barkawi Management Consultants stands for. That is outstanding consultancy!

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