Achieving Transparency Where it Matters

Your OTIF number is most likely wrong!

Supply chain analytics is becoming a mandatory requirement for companies to compete in their industries. Companies that do not use their information to make smarter decisions are more likely to fall behind industry peers.

To avoid losing the race, it is essential that companies build transparency in their systems so that the right information can be used to make optimal decisions. The task is understandably hard when various systems with potentially incompatible configurations are already in place. With targeted transparency, we offer an approach to improve transparency without undergoing full systems and process integration.

If you are a supply chain executive who wants to bring back clarity and effectiveness into the organization’s and the subsidiaries’ decisions, our advice is to be very selective with the KPI that best measure success and apply the framework presented here. Doing so will help you

  1. improve transparency to make effective decisions,
  2. reduce manual effort in reporting and
  3. provide you with a playbook for rolling out additional KPI

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