A software decision made easy

How companies gradually transform the challenges of modern supply chains into measurable results using a software concept tailored to their individual needs

Millions of spare parts in the warehouse and almost 100 % deliverability, but your costs are skyrocketing? Your expensive machine is out of order and the replacement part you urgently needed is not in stock? Lower costs and higher sales by keeping the ‘right‘ inventory – is that really possible?

Sound familiar? Your planning process is drowning under the weight of uncoordinated Excel tables – every department in the company has its own. And the fragmented separate solutions from IT aren‘t doing anything to alleviate the situation. Inventories are too large, but they lack the parts you actually need. Costly write-offs are due at the end of the year. You are not alone!

Many companies know how essential a fully-integrated supply chain is, and they see no alternative to digitalization, collaboration and connectivity, but the complexity of the decisions they need to make is too much for them to handlee. ERP system or special software? End-to-end solution or modular concept? What companies offer products? What do they cost? How long does it take to implement them? Where does one begin, and how?

‘Good-bye Excel chaos! Become a digital champion with the right supply chain software‘ is a concise aid to making the right decisions, and it shows how companies can transform the challenges of modern supply chains into measurable results, step-by-step, with an individually customized software concept. 40 pages of information, case examples and steps to achieving a successful technology transformation.

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