Digitization of the supply chain

Digitization of the supply chain – everything integrated perfectly: How companies can become digital champions through smart networking

Amazon & Co. show us how it is done: better, faster, more products, and those often even cheaper, thanks to a completely interconnected supply chain! Planning, forecasting, suppliers, service providers, end consumers, the Purchasing department, inventories, replenishment... all integrated into a flow of digital data. To be perfectly plannable and transparent with the greatest possible speed and flexibility; that is the goal when digitizing the supply chain.

A batch size of one for individually customized sneakers? The Adidas Speed Factory makes it possible – at the same price as ordinary shoes! Same-day delivery – replacement parts within just a few hours for B2B clients? Goods on demand and on the road to you as soon as a product is sold? No problem – digitization opens up a world of undreamt-of possibilities!

But what has to be done? How do you turn a plethora of Excel tables, Access and SQL databases into an interconnected network of data that records and maps exactly what you need – no more and no less? How does a Control Tower work? What is a "supply chain cockpit" good for? How do you design the right planning algorithms for forecasting?

Come with us on a fascinating journey to the great new world of perfect digitization!

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