SCM Software investments that pay off

Towards predictive and autonomously-adapting supply chains

Customers are more demanding than ever and the world is just complex and unpredictable. Traditional reactive supply chain management methods would require ridiculous amounts of safety stock to deal with the situation. There is a better way: predictive, autonomously-adapting supply chains – and technology is the key to achieve this. Supply chain planning systems help companies attain real time end-to-end visibility and assist proactive decision making with analytics augmentation. Digital champions simultaneously achieve great customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency.

Even today, despite the many advances in information technology, chaos prevails in many companies. Countless Excel spreadsheets fly around, each with a different format and formula, or even macros that might break at any moment! Consolidating information to make decisions is as titanic exercise. The daily struggle costs time, money and ultimately customer satisfaction. Companies know that digitization is the way to go but don’t know where to start.

Should we keep using our ERP system for planning or acquire specialized planning software? If so, which one is the most appropriate from the multitude of vendors? Do we want end-to-end visibility or individual modules? How much does it cost? How long does it take to implement? Are our processes even mature enough to embark on the digitization journey?

These and many more other questions are important and Barkawi Management Consultants helps clients answer them and has the expertise to further assist with the implementation. Become a digital champion with the right supply chain software.

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