Augmented Reality

Augmented reality – much more than just Pokémon Go! How clever augmented reality applications will change not only the supply chain

Augmented reality has been difficult not to encounter since July 2016: in parks and forests, in supermarkets and back yards, in inner cities and at tourist attractions, yes even on busy motorways and military training grounds. Everywhere you go people are wandering around staring at their smart phones, engrossed in the augmented reality of the Nintendo game Pokémon Go, looking for monsters. What they are seeing is a mixture of their actual surroundings and digital additions to them – and that is precisely the definition of augmented reality.

Augmented reality has potential applications for virtually all areas of everyday life where the real world can be merged with data. It has made the biggest inroads in the field of entertainment up to now and is a common tool in gaming, fashion and the marketing of products and films.
But what uses could it have outside of gaming? For instance in industry? What is augmented reality capable of, and how does the technology behind it work?

Read our top-10 thoughts on where augmented reality is now and how exciting its prospects are for the future. Go on a fascinating journey with us to the world of augmented reality!

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