Barkawi’s Technology Transformation services guide clients through the journey from vision to value.  With a comprehensive and configurable methodology and toolset, our team brings domain expertise in operations, systems and decision science to help customers successfully complete supply chain initiatives, and attain operational excellence and aftersales efficiency. In addition to our internal resources, Barkawi has formed strategic partnerships with best-in-class technology providers to deliver a streamlined experience to support both small, tactical objectives to large scale projects.

1/6 S&OP /
Control Tower

Companies recognize both the rewards of a proficient Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process and the risk of a disjointed one. In addition, the highly outsourced and often disconnected functions that make up today’s extended supply chain increase the importance of comprehensive Control Tower capabilities.  Achieving cross-functional alignment, however, remains a challenge for most firms.

Bringing effective, streamlined S&OP and Control Tower visions to life require seamless teamwork between key business divisions and a comprehensive platform strategy.  Our team of experienced consultants and engineers partner with our clients to guide them through the challenges of deploying S&OP and Control Tower solutions to produce short- and long-term gains for the overall organization.


Grafik: Supply Chain Cockpit


2/6 Supply Chain

Today’s complex supply chains are impacted by countless factors. As companies try to consider all the elements that can affect their supply chains, they often face the issue of choosing the right approach and tools to monitor and analyze all the data that is be available. Most companies have misaligned KPIs and disjointed tools and data sources, leading to inaccurate and incomplete intelligence to help them run the business.



Barkawi specializes in helping clients define the right KPIs, organize the right data sources, and select and implement the right tools. Comprehensive Supply Chain Analytics enables the alerts, reporting and dashboards are essential for strategic and operational decision making.

3/6 Supply Chain

Globalization and increased outsourcing has expanded the end-to-end supply chain, leading companies to search for ways to enable effective visibility and collaboration. In turn, these strategies lead to new roles or functions of a traditional supply chain, calling for a need for tools and processes that deliver close collaboration between resources, internally and externally.

Supply Chain Quarterly has noted, “Supply chain collaboration is a hot topic today—and no wonder: companies that collaborate effectively across the supply chain have enjoyed dramatic reductions in inventories and costs, together with improvements in speed, service levels, and customer satisfaction.” 

Given the interconnectedness of the supply chain, strengthening collaboration can enhance supplier, channels, customers and partner performance as well as monitor and manage any unforeseen exceptions. Barkawi has the experience to help client define and implement the new tools and processes, with effective change management, across a single function or the end-to-end supply chain. Let us help you get started.

4/6 Supply Chain

Consumers and businesses operate at (nearly) the speed of light. To meet challenges created by clients’ need for speed, more companies are turning to supply chain digitization to create an ecosystem that utilizes tightly woven technologies to eliminate traditional supply chain siloes.

Outlining a plan for integration and automation of key processes such as demand forecasting, supply planning, inventory management and procurement is just the tip of the iceberg. Effective digitization also requires underlying processes such as managing the influx of critical data, leveraging the cloud and increasing supply chain transparency. Identifying these moving pieces, building and executing a strategy for supply chain digitization calls for the right resources and expertise. 

5/6 Supply Chain

Barkawi has a knowledge based and collection of complementary partnerships and practices that cover a range of capabilities. This experience helps guide clients to identify, compare and select options with the shortest time to value and the greatest ROI.

Additionally, Barkawi also offers several proprietary tools and solutions as options for clients to address unique needs, constraints or budgets.


  • The Decision Support Platform (DSP) is used by many clients in various industries. Due to its flexible data model and analytics framework, the DSP is often the best next step option to replace spreadsheets or homegrown system to deliver better visibility, workflow and supply chain science.
  • The Supply Chain Cockpit (SCC) is designed for the needs of the supply chain managers. Our clients utilize the SCC to review and process of the mission-critical content and supply chain metrics to gain an inclusive look at the complete supply chain.

Whether a point solution need or long term platform vision, Barkawi offers comprehensive industry knowledge and partnerships, as well as deep enterprise system expertise to help.

Pic: Supply Chain Software partner

6/6 Transformation

Barkawi’s transformation methodology helps clients go from vision to value, with tools and expertise to help in any or all 3 phases. The scope and approach are configurable to meet a given set of objectives, timeline or budget.

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