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ClearOps is an ingenious, innovative software solution for the special demands of supply chains. Digital champions use ClearOps. Integration, collaboration, connectivity – these are the magic words of the future, and the foundation of ClearOps. ClearOps revolutionizes supply chains and solves their typical problems, bringing together the things that should be together!

Success Story

A case example: Tractors simply mustn't break down – least of all at harvest time! To make sure they don't, agricultural machine manufacturers keep several tens of thousands of spare parts worth millions of euros in stock. The 700 dealers of a market leader in the agricultural machinery segment keep more than half a billion euros worth of replacement parts in their warehouses. And yet there are still machines out of commission because the part they need is not at hand. Not enough parts in stock? No, that's not the problem! Because they have to write off expensive unused parts every year. The trick is to have the "right" parts in your warehouse!

Our solution: The smart cloud platform ClearOps ties up 20% less capital at the 700 dealer venues, and the number of machines waiting for parts has halved. And not only that: in addition to the improved service at lower costs, dealers are reporting 8% increases in sales in their spare parts business.

Figure part availability
Figure excess inventories

1/6Typical supply chain

Information in real time? Nope! Things like earthquakes, tsunamis, a supplier stopping its deliveries, etc. bring production to a standstill, and emergency plans and alternative scenarios lag behind the events. Days or even weeks of downtime instead of mere seconds are the sad reality today.

For many manufacturers, dealers are often the only point of contact with the customers. What do the customers want? No idea! An individually tailored, customer-oriented product range? Punctual delivery? The customer as a network partner? Collaboration? A connection between domestic and international business? For many manufacturers this is a pipe dream!

Inventories are often anything but perfectly structured assortments of fast-moving articles: 80-90% of the parts don't move at all. Costs skyrocket, while the ability to deliver remains unsatisfactory. Despite all efforts to the contrary, the wrong parts are always in stock. The customer is frustrated and the CFO sounds the alarm.

Planning is Excel-based in many companies. Departments, external partners, suppliers, etc. all work without coordination using fragmented tables. Intelligent integration into a joint workflow? Collaboration? Connectivity? Foreign concepts! The daily struggle to consolidate data costs time and money!

2/6 Why
special software?

1. ERP software systems: One fits all

When trying to get a grip on the complexity of the supply chain software universe, every potential buyer first ends up at the topmost level – the ERP systems. Typical for these systems – for example SAP – is that they offer everything to cover the customer's entire enterprise and all its processes:

Figure ERP software systems

From HR to procurement, from materials management through to financial processes. But the price for typical ERP software adds up to several million euros a year, and the time required for the implementation ranges from at least six months to several years!

Special calculations, analyses, etc. are thus not only greatly restricted, they are generally not even envisioned or possible. A typical example of this are the standard ERP forecasts, which are entirely unsuited for a discerning company with correspondingly demanding forecasting. So many companies need additional, practical options for supplementing the standard evaluations with state-of-the-art analyses and algorithms.

Conclusion: ERP systems offer a convenient "one fits all" solution for companies without special demands, but sometimes more than that is needed...

2. End-to-end supply chain: Integrated SCM suites

If a company with complex logistics process needs more specific help, it enters the realm of software providers that focus on and support the entire supply chain with all its processes, end-to-end: Their integrated SCM suites the likes of Kinaxis, e2open and GT Nexus offer perfect solutions for every phase of the supply chain, from demand planning to materials sourcing, procurement, transport and delivery!

Among the benefits of this kind of supply chain software is that you can purchase and install it equally well as a comprehensive solution or as individual modules – so there is nothing to stop a step-by-step implementation! The annual software costs quickly exceed 500,000 euros, with implementation costing seven figures.

Conclusion: Integrated suites are also software products that specialize in keeping an overall view of the entire supply chain, but they are still often not focused enough to cater for typical, precisely defined demands such as sophisticated forecasting.


3. Special software: Specialized vendors for specific needs

There are innumerable specialist companies that provide solutions for specific needs nowadays. They focus on a selected topic or problem, but can easily be connected up to and integrated into other systems as well. Multiple highly-specialized individual solutions can be joined together using perfectly designed interfaces to form a sequence of special modules that are capable of far more than ordinary supply chain software, to say nothing of ERP systems.

These specialist "best of breed" programs offer special functionalities for selected supply chain challenges such as forecasting, inventory, freight brokerage or procurement, but as a rule no overall solution for the entire company or supply chain. Bringing together the best of the best opens up entirely new possibilities for creating such individually tailored ideal solutions. Picking out the best modules, even from various manufacturers, and joining them up to form a single system does not pose a technical problem anymore.

Conclusion: Specialized individual solutions work just as reliably as the big ERP systems, pay for themselves in the shortest of times and offer a huge competitive advantage with their excellent data quality.

3/6The smart alternative:
Specialist software ClearOps

Grafik: ClearOps Henry Greulich

In addition to clever mathematical models and algorithms, ClearOps is also founded on big data, demand sensing, machine learning and artifical intelligence, so it unites mathematics with leading-edge know-how and research, and gets companies with tough planning and forecasting demands fit for the future!

Bernd Hoffmann, Principal
Digitalization expert at Barkawi





Not all companies can handle additional costs of 20 up to more than 100,000 euros a month, especially not SMEs. And implementation times of six months are also a daunting prospect for many enterprises. As a company, ClearOps is a specialist for individually tailored special software, and its ClearOps product is a software solution created by Barkawi – the specialist in optimizing worldwide supply chains – based on its extensive experience in practice. It is a proprietary Web platform with which all the partners in the supply chain can use and exchange data together.

ClearOps offers a cloud-based IT solution to control supply chain processes. But ClearOps isn't just a piece of software, it also takes care of the entire hosting and provides evaluations and data as required by the individual customer, so it is SaaS (software as a service) at its best.

What is ClearOps?

ClearOps is ideal for SMEs, especially those for which Kinaxis is too big, for which a dependence on SAP appears too risky and/or for which an implementation in just a few weeks is important. It is a perfect low-cost, low-risk entry-level concept for smaller companies that need a specialist yet affordable supply chain software, to enable them to prevail amidst tough competition.

Even if the company's system landscape changes over time, for instance due to strong company growth, giving up a less expensive special solution is less painful than having to change from a big product it has invested a lot of time and money into.

But ClearOps is not only affordable and faster to implement, it is also better and smarter than many other products. Especially when it comes to forecasting and planning, ClearOps is superior to all other suppliers and their solutions, because its forecasting is far more precise in an area where just a few percentage points make a big difference:

As the starting point of the supply chain, forecasting has enormous consequences for all the functions that follow it. Experience in the field has shown that a 10% improvement in forecasting precision leads to a 30% increase in efficiency, thanks to reductions in the required material resources, staff, etc. So ClearOps pays for itself fast!

ClearOps in practice

A real-world example: Tractors simply mustn't break down – least of all at harvest time! To make sure they don't, agricultural machine manufacturers keep several tens of thousands of spare parts worth millions of euros in stock. The 700 dealers of a market leader in the agricultural machinery segment keep more than half a billion euros worth of replacement parts in their warehouses – several million units. And yet machines are still kept out of operation because the part they need is not in stock, and at the end of the year expensive write-offs are required for parts not used.

Our solution: With the ingenious cloud platform ClearOps, 20% less capital is tied up at the 700 dealer venues, and the number of machines waiting for parts has halved. And not only that: in addition to the improved service at lower costs, dealers are reporting 8% increases in sales in their spare parts business.

We are talking about huge amounts of capital being tied up here, so ideas for optimizing inventories have to be based on strong data. Smart supply chain software, with its sophisticated inventory management, modern vendor-managed inventory (VMI), collaboration and perfectly customized mathematical algorithms improves delivery capability while at the same time cutting costs and stock levels. Now that is what we call a win-win situation!

Barkawi is the specialist in this field: Our decades of experience on the market show that a more than 20% reduction of inventories can be easily achieved across all stages of production and storage. When extremely expensive replacement parts and/or large spare-part inventories are in play, having the "right inventory" improves competitiveness and brings joy to the heart of any company owner, because innovative supply chain software transforms dead, bound capital back into agile working capital.

Grafik: ClearOps Digitalisierung
Figure reducing spare parts inventories

4/6 References
and customers

Reference case AGCO

With products like Fendt tractors, agricultural machine manufacturer AGCO is one of the world’s top vendors in the farm machine segment. AGCO relies on an ingenious solution from ClearOPs to be able to offer the farmers lightning fast and perfect service. Instead of having sales representatives supply all of its dealers around the world and asking them every day which spare parts they need, AGCO offers an innovative concept with the global dealer platform ClearOps:

700 dealers are connected up to the ClearOps platform, and as soon as they open their dealership doors in the morning, their computer shows them their virtual shopping basket filled with what they need for the day. That is modern, innovative vendor-managed inventory.

Thanks to the ClearOps system, with its perfect forecasting, outstanding planning and predictive maintenance, the OEM knows what parts the dealership and its end customers will need that day, even before they do. ClearOps also reduces inventories from several million replacement parts, often including 90% non-movers, to a fraction of that – in this case 123,000 spare parts that are actually actively asked for at more than 400 connected venues in 13 countries. And another 13 venues will follow soon.

And not only AGCO uses ClearOps to optimize its dealers’ warehouse stocks; five clients now actively use ClearOps. At NKT and Triflex, flawless statistical forecasts help with the S&OP process, for example. On the agenda now is the implementation of the ClearOps supply chain cockpit at KRAMP, which plans and optimizes retail stores at 1,500 venues with the ClearOps tool.

Our customers

We have long-standing partnerships with our customers, which generally start with an initial process optimization and a pilot project within the framework of a consulting commission. If everything goes well, we roll out and implement the solution globally - together, step by step, with our expertise and detailed technical support, without losing sight of the big picture.

Pic: Predictive Maintenance

The ClearOps technology makes our highly complex supply chain transparent. We can now manage and optimize it in real time, using clear performance indicators. It connects us up with more than 700 workshops and dealers throughout the entire world, at the press of a button, and can guarantee the best possible service for our end customers.

Marco Piovano,
AGCO International GmbH, Supply Chain Manager



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5/6 Questions &

ClearOps increases the speed, integration and flexibility of your supply chain. More accurate predictions and a better information flow ultimately increase product availability at lower inventories and better cost efficiency.

Simply contact us at infonotvisible@clearopsnotvisible.com or use the contact form below. We are based in Munich, Germany and will reply shortly.

ClearOps pricing depends on its functional scope and the number of users and supply chain locations involved. Supply chain analytics is also often project-based, so individual projects are subject to negotiation.

Yes. Various releases of SAP ERP and SAP Business One are supported.

ClearOps is designed to be an SaaS (software as a service) solution. Selected customers have asked for an on-premise solution, which can be realized on request.

The ClearOps solution is hosted on services in Germany. All data security laws of Germany and the EU ensure your information and data are treated highly confidentially. State-of-the-art security and monitoring technologies are utilized.

ClearOps training courses are held on request and depend on the scale of your requirement. ClearOps functions are easy to use. Some understanding of supply chain science and data analytics is helpful for super-users, but not necessary for day-to-day operational users.

We support many integration approaches. Manually uploading Excel and CSV files can be a simple way to familiarize with ClearOps, but the full benefit comes through automated interfaces, such as web services and file transfers, between the ERP software of supply chain partners and ClearOps.

First functional benefits can be achieved by processing data that were formerly uploaded manually. However, the real ClearOps benefits are realized through automated interfaces between supply chain partners. Over 500 different partners are currently connected through ClearOps, exchanging supply chain information such as customer orders, inventories, forecasts, purchase orders, super-session chains, installed-base information or even warranty claims.

ClearOps is a B2B solution that integrates and controls supply chains between business partners. In some cases, ClearOps is used to support a B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumer) scenario to integrate manufacturers, retail partners and end customers.

One key strength of ClearOps is its flexibility on interfacing. It also supports online web services on an XML or REST basis, and flat file exchanges. Today, over 25 ERP software systems are already successfully connected to ClearOps. Additional interfaces can be implemented easily. Power users can upload and download files.

Dealers and OEMs often support and supply large networks comprising hundreds of independent service providers and points of sale. But despite this, the end customer is often left standing in front of empty shelves when machines break down, and the essential part is simply not available.

ClearOps is a collaboration solution that brings manufacturers closer to their customers, who in turn know and can anticipate their needs. Data, spare parts, forecasts, predictive maintenance, etc. are available at the press of a button with ClearOps.

  • Instead of being constantly occupied with trying to find parts, the customer and its level of satisfaction are finally the main issues here again – because that is where you make your money!
  • ClearOps supports the entire collaboration process, end-to-end: planning and forecasting, optimization, replenishing, product launches, machinist scheduling, guarantee handling and warranty management
  • Easy to implement with more than 30 different systems (ERP, dealer management systems, etc.)

In most enterprises, coordinating a company-wide planning process – if there is one at all – is a real challenge. The planning is suffocated by complex Excel tables: the sales team, the finance department, production, logistics and all the external partners and supplier all have their own.

Intelligent integration into a joint workflow software? Collaboration? Connectivity? Forget it! The daily struggle to consolidate data costs time and money.

    • ClearOps puts an end to Excel chaos and brings all process participants together on one ingenious collaboration platform
    • ClearOPs perfects the planning process and creates opportunities that ERP users can only dream of
    • ClearOps is flexible and can easily be integrated into any existing system
    • ClearOps opens up new worlds of planning opportunity, with intelligent algorithms, clever mathematical models, big data, demand sensing, machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • ClearOps unites mathematics with leading edge science and research

      ERP systems do what they are designed to do; namely support systems throughout an entire company. But when it comes to more demanding evaluations, data or issues in complex supply chains, SAP and its peers soon come up against their limits.

      ClearOps creates new opportunities, for instance adding futuristic data options to SAP, while being easy to connect up to existing ERP systems.

        • ClearOps adds not only a new piece of software to technical solutions, it offers an expert team for individually tailored special analytics and up-to-the-minute special assessments, for example of customer segmentation. Big data enables data-based, customer-specific marketing, loyalty assessment and much more
        • ClearOps analytics enables automatic up-to-the-second filling of the shopping basket – an enormous saving of work and time for planners and dealers!
        • ClearOps improves forecast accuracy by up to 20%
        • ClearOps reduces inventories by up to 27%

          6/6 The top 10 advantages
          of ClearOps

          • ClearOps is a focused solution for special challenges
          • There is no other solution comparable to it, least of all for cost-conscious SMEs
          •  Its data evaluation goes far beyond the analyses possible to date, offering more data and more analytics
          •  Implementation and operations are far cheaper than with any comparable solution
          • The rapid and simple implementation enables a fast go-live. The system is up and running in just a few weeks!
          • It is fast and easy to integrate the ClearOps software solution into your existing IT infrastructure
          • ClearOps is highly customized, and yet also highly affordable. An innovative basis means it is easy to tailor to individual needs
          • Make or buy? Our customers decide for themselves whether they want to operate the portal, evaluations, analyses, etc. themselves, or whether they prefer to purchase the full service option
          • ClearOps is not just a software product, it takes over your entire hosting
          • ClearOps makes top level individual customer analyses and data available as required (so it is Software as a Service).

          The advantages of ClearOps are obvious. We will be happy to set up a temporary demonstration for you within the scope of a consulting project, and go over to the typical permanent operation when you are convinced about ClearOps. You decide!

          Pic: ClearOps Supply Chain Collaboration

          Whether you operate the portal and create the evaluations and analyses yourself, or whether you choose to use the full-service option incl. hosting and daily-updated data is up to you. Make or buy is not normally an easy decision. But in this case, it is!

          Booklet "Supply Chain Software"!

          Booklet Supply Chain Software

          Let’s talk about the daily challenges of your supply chain. Planning, collaboration and optimization are our everyday business. We will be happy to show you smart alternatives and new options!

          Pic: ClearOps Andreas Baader Henry Greulich

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