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Management Consulting Atlanta

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Management Consulting Atlanta

100 Galleria Parkway, Suite 1500
Atlanta, GA 30339
North America, United States


Barkawi Management Consultants

Consulting USA - Altanta

Barkawi Management Consultants is an international consulting firm that focuses on supply chain management and after sales service. This Munich-based consultancy was founded in 1994 by Karim Barkawi. Today it has more than 200 employees and offices in Munich, Shanghai, Moscow, Atlanta and Vienna. The client portfolio of Barkawi Consulting includes global enterprises with logistically complex business models, such as BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances, Coca Cola, Daimler, Lufthansa, Nokia Networks, Philips and many, many more.

Our distinct emphasis on supply chain management ensures you expertise and the right specialists. You won't find a one-size-fits-all approach or a bargain-bin mentality with us, because we are different: focused and specialized. That is what makes successful, modern management consultancy today.

The company's head office in Munich, with almost 100 consultants, is well chosen, because Germany is located at the heart of Europe and it is the gateway to Eurasia. Our Atlanta office manages our US business, which now also boasts almost 100 colleagues across the USA.

Our international and interdisciplinary consulting teams work together in varying constellations to fit the project and venue – every project has different demands on the team, tools and methods. That is why we design each project and put together every team individually, carefully tailored to the needs of the client and project. Sometimes chartered accountants and lawyers are added, sometimes physicists and mechanical engineers. Sometimes industry experts are required, while some projects benefit from experts in specific functional or product categories. Young consultants, experienced industry professionals, various educations and qualifications, nationalities and project backgrounds – we believe in the power of diversified perspectives!

One of the special things about Barkawi Management Consultants is the combination of strategic management consultancy and assistance in the operational execution of your project. Barkawi doesn't leave its clients alone with a pile of analyses and suggested improvements, we actively help realize and implement. The way we see things at Barkawi is that our consulting assignment isn't over until our concepts work in practice. And being entrepreneurs ourselves, we have proven many times already that consultants are also good business managers. We know what we are doing, because we have grown various start-ups from the ground up within the Barkawi Group, and nurtured them into thriving undertakings.

One of the keys to Barkawi's success is the quality of our staff. Many consulting firms work with large numbers of relatively inexperienced career starters – we don't! Barkawi places great value on maintaining a strong main block of experienced industry and consulting professionals. They enable us to speak the same language as and interact at eye level with our clients.

Awards and distinctions

Numerous companies already know that our combination of expertise, strategic consulting and taking on real operational responsibility sets Barkawi apart from the competition. Barkawi Management Consultants repeatedly finishes at the top of high-profile consultant rankings in Germany, and has won multiple awards, for instance as "Hidden Champions of the Consulting Market" or as "No. 1 in Supply Chain Consultancy" in the Best of Consulting competition of WirtschaftsWoche magazine. The business periodical "brand eins" counts Barkawi among Germany's best consulting firms, and we have often taken the winners podium in the field of supply chain management well ahead of the "big names" in the industry!

The entrepreneurs among consultants

Barkawi's hands-on approach can be seen in our entrepreneurial spirit, which, coupled with our know-how has been the incubator for the birth of numerous business ideas that Barkawi Management Consultants Munich has realized over the years, for instance for B2X, an outsourcing-services provider in the field of after sales services. No fewer than seven different companies are now gathered in the Barkawi Group holding, employing almost 1,000 people in 30 countries. That makes Barkawi Consultants the entrepreneurs among consultants!

Excellence in supply chain management

This strict focus and specialization on supply chain topics leads to Barkawi's outstanding and lasting results in projects with specific challenges. Our corporate values like "get stuck in and get the job done" are the basis of everything we do. We make no decisions without substantiated figures and analyses. Because numbers, data and facts give us and our clients the certainty of making the right decisions!

We develop new concepts and strategies, and optimize processes and organizational structures on the basis of established data and a profound understanding of our clients' operational framework and business processes. And then we implement the transformations. Because only with "actual implementation" can solutions lead to true results. This strength as an implementer is another USP of Barkawi Management Consultants. We combine consulting with real operational responsibility!

Consulting at the highest professional level is our passion and profession. We want to be an expert sparring partner for entrepreneurs and enterprises, and hire the best in the industry and the best graduates of each year. Professional modesty and absolute integrity characterize our value culture and the people in our company.

Total independence is a decisive principle for us, and that is why we are not affiliated to any of the major auditing companies or software makers. Nonetheless, we work together with the best in the industry – hand-picked for the specifics of each case.

Management consultancy with success

All that is the basis for our clients' substantial development, but also for our own, because we want to be the difference! Make an impact! We want our successes to be verifiable and permanent. That is what we stand for. Our goals are clearly defined and quantifiable. Results count – an attitude our clients share with us. And so it is our results that we want to be measured by.

That is the only way we can time and time again feel the pride of having truly achieved something with our work. And for that feeling we are happy to go the extra mile.