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Management Team

Barkawi Management-Team: Dr. Andreas Baader



Dr. Andreas Baader,
Managing Partner & Head of Europe

Dr. Andreas Baader leads the business unit After Sales Services. Before joining Barkawi Management Consultants in 2000, Andreas Baader worked with SAP and held leading positions, the latest heading the area 'Application Design Sales Support'. Andreas Baader is a graduated engineer and holds a doctoral degree in aerospace engineering.



Barkawi Management-Team: Wolfgang Schürholz

Wolfgang Schürholz,
Managing Partner

Wolfgang Schürholz leads the business unit Supply Chain Management. He holds an engineer’s degree in logistics. Together with his experienced team, he supports customers regarding strategic questions throughout the whole supply chain, e.g. the design of supply chain networks, to the often challenging implementation. Wolfgang Schürholz started his career in industry and is well connected internationally in the logistics sector.

Barkawi Management-Team: Oliver Bendig



Oliver Bendig,
Managing Partner

Oliver Bendig is in charge of our After Sales Services unit. He is the trusted advisor of numerous engineering and plant construction companies, helping them on their way to service excellence. As he sees it, many companies still haven't sufficiently recognized the potential of service. And he should know, because he and his teams have turned service into a growth engine in many of his clients' companies. In addition to his global leadership role at Barkawi, he is also a board member at ISLA, Europe's leading network of service leaders. Before coming to Barkawi, he was part of the management team of Bain & Company.

Barkawi Management-Team: Andreas Tengler



Andreas Tengler,
Managing Partner

Since 2012, Andreas Tengler heads Barkawi’s office in Vienna. Before Barkawi could attract him as Managing Director for the Viennese office, he held different leadership positions with the Austrian consultancy Czipin Consulting. He also worked for the paper company Mondi, most recent as Vice President Controlling. Andreas Tengler studied at the universities of Passau, Syracuse and Oxford Brookes, where he achieved his MBA.

Barkawi Management-Team: Mike Landry



Mike Landry,
Global Lead

For the past 9 years, Mike Landry has been the president of Barkawi Management Consultants’ North American practice, which current provides supply chain planning technology transformation services to over 80 clients across a number of industries.  Prior to that, Mike founded Servigistics (now part of PTC), the market leading provider of service parts planning and pricing solutions, used by over 100 clients worldwide.  Mike’s next adventure will be to act as the global leader of the 300-person supply chain business unit of Genpact, which recently announced an agreement to acquire Barkawi’s operations in the US and Europe.

Barkawi Management-Team: Max Kammerer



Maximilian Kammerer,
Partner and Executive Advisor

Maximilian Kammerer is responsible for the corporate and organizational development as well as transformation and change. After working for Roland Berger several years, he spent more than twenty years in different leadership positions and as an executive at Nokia & Apple Computer’s. On top of that, Maximilian Kammerer held lectures at several universities on the topics of leadership, organizational development and service management. Maximilian Kammerer studied economics at the University of Landshut.