Our consulting-

We combine consulting with real operational responsibility.

Dr. Andreas Baader
Managing Partner & Head of Europe

Different perspectives

Every project has different requirements regarding the team, the tools and the methods. Therefore, each project is individually designed and the teams are differently compiled and tailored to the needs of both client and project.

Sometimes auditors and lawyers complete the team, other times physicists or mechanical engineers get involved. Sometimes it is industry specialists, other times it is function or product specialists. At Barkawi, we believe in the power of different perspectives. Teams consisting of young consultants and experienced professionals, with different educations, qualifications as well as complementary project experience can deliver true value.

No statement
without numbers

We view projects as long-term partnerships with our clients. Our results are analytic and fact-based, so no statement is made without solid, quantitative proof. We work with professional methods, tools and techniques that are based on a lot of experience, common sense and entrepreneurial intelligence.

Results count

We want to make an impact. We want our results to be traceable and sustainable. Our goals are clearly defined and measurable. Only success counts - our clients see it that way, too. You can count on us!

Only this way we and our clients are continuously proud of what we have achieved. We are prepared to go the extra-mile for this clear goal.