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NGM – Cost-conscious fleet management
with a mobility guarantee

Nutzung der Software FLEETSTER auf dem Tablet-PC

We are the Robin Hood of today's fleet management. Enough of wasting mobility!

Tim Ruhoff
CEO Next Generation Mobility

Private use of company vehicles

Large companies often have large fleets. Sometimes hundreds of hourly used cars are parked in the company's parking lot. This is expensive and ties up capital, a high price to pay for the convenience of mobility.

NEXT GENERATION MOBILITY, another member of the Barkawi Group, offers a smart solution for optimized utilization of the vehicle pool. Next Generation Mobility’s software, FLEETSTER, can help customers save up to 40% of their mobility costs.

Thanks to a smart car sharing concept, pool vehicles, business trips, the use of private vehicles, and the cost of taxis and rental vehicles can be drastically be reduced. Conscious management of giving each other lifts between sites offers additional savings potential.       

Lower costs and fewer emissions at a 100% guaranteed mobility – that's both an ecological and economical win!

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Nutzung der Software FLEETSTER auf dem Tablet-PC


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