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Karim Barkawi, Founder / Serial Entrepreneur

On the road to your success with global, digital business concepts

To drive our globalization forward after almost 25 years of purely organic growth, we looked for a strong partner in 2018, and we are now proud to be a part of the US technology leader Genpact – a digital champion with 4 billion in sales and almost 80,000 staff.

The company founders, Karim and Carena Barkawi, are devoted to the growth of the group companies. In now eight firms, we prove every day that consultants can implement their concepts successfully! Everybody is talking about implementation and digitization – we're actually doing it! But what does that mean in real terms?

Construction and agricultural machinery is very expensive – half a million for a digger or tractor is no rarity. If the excavator can't dig, the entire building site may well come to a standstill. Tractors mustn't break down either, least of all at harvest time! To make sure they don't, agricultural machine manufacturers keep tens of thousands of different spare parts in stock, valued at several million euros.

Each dealer keeps pretty much the same spare parts as the others, and yet, when the time comes, it always seems to be the part that a customer needs that is missing from the warehouse. So: the storage shelves are full to the brim, but somehow with the wrong parts.

We have found a clever digital solution: In a case example, you will see how the dealers of tractor spare parts find the replacements for the parts that will break down that day at their customers, in their "Amazon shopping basket" when they arrive at work in the morning. We know what those parts will be in advance! Magic? No. Merely an ingenious forecasting model that uses various data to make accurate predictions, all the way through to the weather report!

In another example, we guide thousands of trucks digitally and ensure that traffic runs smoothly on the factory forecourt: In the same way as a stolen luxury sports car can be located as a blinking light on a map in a James Bond film, an innovative RFID system can gather and intelligently manage vehicle movement data... but read for yourself!

B2X Care-Solutions: Cleveres Management von komplexen Reparatur-Kreisläufen

Clever management of complex repair cycles

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Teqport - ein zweites Leben für wertvolle Rohstoffe und teure Technik

Virtual market for industrial

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Teqcycle als T-Mobile-Partner: Benutzeroberfläche der App "Handy Ankauf"

Take-back-solutions for millions
of scrapped mobile phones

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Warenlieferung per LKW - star/trac bietet Smarte Steuerung des Werksverkehrs

Smart control of factory traffic

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Nutzung der Software FLEETSTER auf dem Tablet-PC


Cost-conscious fleet
management with mobility

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Pic: Predictive Maintenance

Affordable special software for the
specific challenges of the supply chain

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Karim Barkawi

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