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Barkawi Management Consultants

Barkawi Management Consultants is an international management consultancy specializing in supply chain management and after sales services.

Founded in 1994, it today boasts more than 250employees and offices in Munich, Vienna and Atlanta. Among our consultancy clients around the world are global players with complex business models the likes of Airbus, Coca Cola, Daimler, General Electric, Henkel, Siemens, and many others.

Barkawi Management Consultants
in Austria, Vienna

In our Vienna office, we support a consulting clientele of well-known and long-established companies and company owners. We will be happy to meet with you and present the benefits of our collaborations with Austrian clients and our pioneering cases in Austria!

Barkawi Management Consultants Vienna:
Project topics & issues

Barkawi Management Consultants stands for global supply chain excellence. What makes Barkawi's approach so special is our combination of strategic management consulting and assistance in the ground-floor execution of our concepts. The first step in our process is the analysis of the client's operational situation and business processes. In doing so, our consultants have no qualms about questioning whether the existing business model is fit for the future. After all, the structure of the supply chain has today become so key to so many companies that it touches the core of their business model. There are numerous cases that show this, especially in a country as small as Austria.

We develop new concepts, strategies and suggestions for smarter processes and an optimized organizational structure based on substantiated figures, data and facts. But Barkawi consultants don't leave their clients alone with analyses and ideas for possible improvements. A supply chain has to work perfectly, as do the connections to and integration of the partners, suppliers, factories, etc. Inventory levels, warehouse venues, planning – all these are decisive factors for business success. For example, the forecasting at the start of the supply chain should at best be almost 100% correct: in practice, not just in theory!

Our Vienna office looks back on a long history of successful projects with verifiable and lasting results, because Barkawi consultants don't just talk the talk, we also walk the walk.

Barkawi Management Consultants Vienna:
Operational responsibility & actual implementation

Barkawi is not like other management consultancies. We take on operational responsibility and ensure the success of the implementation. We don't consider our job to be done until our clients' supply chain networks and after sales services work on an everyday basis.

One of the essential keys to our success are the people on board at Barkawi Management Consultants Vienna. Many consultancies work with large numbers of recent graduates. Barkawi is different. We place great value on having a strong core of experienced and specialist professionals who know what it means to work in an industrial company from their own career. By doing so, we ensure that the client and consultant speak the same language at eye level.

Barkawi Management Consultants Vienna:
Awards & distinctions

Many companies say that our combination of expert know-how, strategy consulting and the assumption of real operational responsibility sets us apart from the competition. Barkawi continually achieves top positions in the major consultant rankings: for example most recently in the 2018 "The Hidden Champions of the Consultancy Market" study.

Barkawi has also repeatedly been named the No. 1 Supply Chain Consultancy in the "Best of Consulting" competition run by WirtschaftsWoche magazine. The independent business magazine Brand Eins also counts Barkawi among Germany's best consulting companies. In the field of supply chain management, it places Barkawi ahead of Porsche Consulting, McKinsey and BCG. The successes and specialist expertise of Barkawi Management Consultants in Vienna speak for themselves!

And we have been among the "Best Consultants" not only in 2017; the year 2018 has already begun with an award, with Barkawi again being named Hidden Champion 2018 in a contest held by the business magazine CAPITAL, which is based on a large-scale customer survey conducted by the renowned Top Consultant institute headed by Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink. The management consultancy Barkawi came out the winner in the category Supply Chain Management & After Sales Service! That is what we call winning consulting!

Incubator for our start-ups: the global Barkawi Group

Barkawi's implementation orientation can also be seen in its entrepreneurial spirit. Barkawi acts as an incubator for a large pool of its own start-ups, which are active around the world with innovative approaches and new business models. Here, in-depth knowledge of supply chain management meets impassioned entrepreneurialism and leads to successful spin-off companies like B2X, a leading provider of customer care services in the field of mobile phones and IoT. Barkawi Group comprises eight companies today, employing 1,200 people in 20 countries. All of these enterprises have left the start-up phase well behind them and are established players on the market!

With our companies we prove every day that consultants can do much more than just give advice. We implement, and that with great success! In our consulting projects, especially at owner and family-managed companies, full-blooded industrialists meet with true entrepreneurs on an equal footing. That is why we are known as "Barkawi Management Consultants – the entrepreneur among consultants!"

Barkawi Management Consultants Vienna:
The pursuit of excellence

Barkawi Management Consultants is a management consultancy in Vienna, Austria, specializing in supply chain management and after sales services. Its strict focus leads to outstanding and lasting results in projects with specific challenges. At the foundation of everything we do is the credo: roll up your sleeves and take the job through to its conclusion. With that attitude and our promise not to make decisions without having sound figures to base them on, we help our clients achieve excellence.

Absolute independence is a fundamental principle for us. That is why we are not associated with any large auditing companies or software makers. Professional modesty and absolute integrity are the cornerstones of our value culture and characterize the people in our enterprise

Barkawi Management Consultants Vienna:
Partner to companies & company managers in Austria

Consulting at the highest professional level is our passion and profession. We as Barkawi Management Consultants in Vienna strive to be an expert partner to Austrian companies and managers. We want to recruit the best in the industry and of every graduation year as colleagues for our Vienna office. That is the basis for the significant progress of our clients and our own company – because we want to make a difference!

Barkawi Management Consultants Vienna:
On the road to success with digital business concepts

With the office in Vienna, the Barkawi management consultancy offers a modern mix of customary consulting methods and digital innovations – always focused on our specialist field of supply chain management. Because we are really good at that! Everyone is talking about digitization. We do it! But what does digitization even mean?

An example from our consulting practice: construction and agricultural machines are very expensive – it is no exception to pay half a million for a digger or tractor. If an excavator breaks down, it can stop all work on a construction site. And tractors mustn't be out of operation either, least of all at harvest time! So that they aren't, agricultural machinery manufacturers generally keep spare parts in stock valued in the five-figure millions of euros.

Nonetheless, experience shows that it is always precisely the part required that is missing when the time comes, despite the shelves being loaded to the ceiling. But we have found a pretty clever solution to the problem: when arriving at work in the morning, the dealers of tractor replacement parts find exactly the parts that will definitely break down and be ordered that day in their "Amazon shopping basket". We know which parts will break down in advance? Magic? No. Just smart forecasting models and great software combined with technical know-how, weather reports, and many other indicators!

In another example we steer thousands of trucks digitally every day, and ensure order on the plant forecourt. In the same way as the stolen luxury sports car in a James Bond movie can be followed on a map as a blinking dot, an innovative RFID system enables movement data to be gathered and vehicles to be controlled efficiently.

Barkawi Management Consultants Vienna, Austria

Globalization of and innovative approaches to supply chains? Intelligent after sales service as a profit center and driver of growth? That is what we do on a daily basis!

Interested? We would be happy to meet with you in person and provide answers to your pressing issues. The specialists in our Austria office look forward to getting to know you in Vienna.

PIC: Wolfgang Schuerholz

Wolfgang Schürholz
Managing Partner

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